Taleghani Center for Accident and Emergency Operations

  Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 





Head: Mr. Rahimi, Abolfazl

Tel.: +98 51 35423970-74 (333-444)

This section consists of a radiology room, an ultrasound room, dark room and exposed room. All radiographs of the patient, outpatient and portable sections are done in this area.

Center equipment:

  • The CT machine from Siemens Emotion 6 slice model, which is run by the private sector
  • VARIAN 750 MA X-ray type machine with stand
  • A portable device of the type LISTEM
  • Emerging and establishing two processor machine (COMPACT C2, OPTIMAX 2010

Protective and safety measures undertaken by the Department of Health Physics:

  • Radiography and CT scan room, immunizations, lead walls to a height of 2 m
  • Lead doors for radiographs and CT scans Rooms
  • Installation of lead glass for control, Radiology and CT scan rooms
  • Preparation of lead apron (APRON), gloves, lead glasses for radiology department, CT scan, C-ARM operating room and ICU portable
  • Warning signs for clients and for pregnant women in Radiology and CT
  • Constant contact with the IAEA and UN personnel to control the film batch
  • lead Doors rail track installed for Radiology and CT rooms
  • conduct annual follow Disymetery Radiology and CT
  • Fix possible leakage of radiation defects
  • Six-month follow-up of periodic examinations of personnel
  • Radiation work permit with the Department of Radiology and CT