Operating Room Unit



Taleghani Center for Accident and Emergency Operations
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Operating Room Unit    

(Located at the ground floor)


Ms.Ghadamgahi, Mozhgan Sadat 

Tel.: +98 51 35423970(310-311)
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This unit has an area of 500 square meters starting working in March 2008 with a surgical operating room with five, a recovery room with 7 beds and 4 bed side monitors, three Pulses and the ventilator, Separate anesthesia machine - CSR with a large 300-liter autoclave machine and two small autoclaves.

The hospital operating room has the central ventilation system (air) and Fire Alarm System and CCTV cameras.
Resident physician in the hospital are boarding in and giving services to patients in neurosurgical, orthopedic, general surgery and ENT centers.
There has been a good record of monthly average of about 780 surgery cases with 186 active beds in 2016


This unit has 6 operating rooms, in which such surgeries as orthopedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, and aesthetic surgery are performed. Meanwhile, the operating room of the hospital is equipped with portable microscope system used in neurosurgery. 

Room 1: Where all orthopedic surgeries are performed.

Room 2: Equipped with arthroscopic system and two CARMs.

Room 3: Where all general surgeries are performed on a laparoscopic basis.

Room 4: Where all neurosurgeries are performed. This room is equipped with kraniutum and microscope, with the capability of imaging.

Room 5: Where all surgeries including oral and maxillofacial surgery, urological surgery etc. are performed.

Room 6: Where plastering and outpatient surgeries are performed.

In this ward, there are also some medical equipment such as bed side monitoring system, video endoscope, two laparoscopes, arthroscopic system etc.