Internal Surgery Ward



Taleghani Center for Accident and Emergency Operations
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Internal Surgery Ward   

(Located at the 1st floor of the new building)


Mr. Abbasi, Alireza 

Tel.: +98 51 35423970(440-441)
Email: AbbasiA5[at]

With a capacity of 31 beds (4 allocated to pediatric patients, 5 to patients with infectious diseases, 18 to patients who are to undergo trauma surgery, 2 to those with internal diseases, and 2 to patients suffered from neurological diseases), this ward admits the patients suffered from internal diseases (diagnosed with heart failure, ascites etc.), those suffered from neurological diseases (diagnosed with stroke, brain tumor etc.), those suffered from infectious diseases (diagnosed with pneumonia, bedsores etc.) and pediatric patients (in case of undergoing surgery and orthopedic surgery) as well as the patients diagnosed with trauma surgery and small fractures.


Equipment of the Ward: Portable monitoring system, pump syringe etc.