Health tourism






Emphasizing by the supreme leader upon the necessity of the Hospital entering the holy city of Mashhad and after the approval of the Administrative Council, reconstruction of the Skin diseases Hospital was done in 2005 by the Head of the university. This hospital as the first relief road hospital inthe province of khorasan was named Taleghani Hospital on Monday September 12, 2006 and was opened by The Minister of Health, And Medical Education, Director of Public Relations Ministry, the head of the university and other provincial officials.

Currently, Taleghani General Hospital in Mashhad has 186 active beds, six well-equipped operating rooms with such departments as hospitalization, accidents and trauma, orthopedics, internal surgery, neurosurgery, intensive cares, and elective department (surgery I). Total area of the hospital is 43000 square meters with a built area of 9000 square meters. Given ever-increasing development of the specialties and subspecialties; and in view of the patients and clients’ belief and satisfaction with the services rendered by this hospital, a large crowd of residents from different parts of the city come to it.   




 Medical Tourism is the travel of people to another country for the purpose of obtaining
medical treatment in the country.

Therefore, a medical tourist can use medical services of the destination by traveling from his home town to gain physical and / or mental health .

Taleghani Hospital in Mashhad is the first public hospital that has received the admission of foreign patients

Taleghani Hospital International Patient Department ( IPD ), has started working seriously to provide medical tourism services to foreign patients since 2015.
This department is as a window to communicate hospital with foreign patient from the first contact to receiving treatment services.

Duties and functions of this department is as follows:

1-Coordination with admission to hospitalize

2- coordination with the IPD doctor for the first visit and determining the physician acceptance

3-coordination with the discharge to the estimate the cost of treatment 

4- coordination with the facilitator companies to provide faster and more quality services and admitted patients through the International Department